George Wallace, Jr. releases book about his father titled “Governor George Wallace, The Man You Never Knew by The Man Who Knew Him Best.”

Birmingham, Alabama – March 7, 2012 – George Wallace, Jr., the only son of former Governor George Wallace, has released a book about his father that he calls a revealing look at his father’s life from a family perspective.

Wallace gives his readers a first hand account of his father’s personal struggle, and ultimate repentance from the positions he took on the issue of race.

“I wrote this book so I could share the man I knew with the rest of the world” Wallace said. “Many people only know of my father’s infamous speeches about race and segregation or his stand in the school house door, I wanted them to know the rest of the story.”

Wallace also shares little known stories and facts about his father, such as his belief that Nixon operatives played a role in the assassination attempt that left him paralyzed. The book also shares stories and photographs of his personal friendships with people such as Pope Paul John II, Margaret Thatcher and Elvis Presley.

A notable, never before seen, photograph is of Wallace and Pope John Paul II embracing. Both men were shot by would be assassins, both suffered but forgave the men who shot them and reached out to them in love and forgiveness.

As self described Wallace adversary Dianne McWhorter wrote in describing Wallace’s pilgrimage to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in 1979: “George Wallace uttered the three consecutive words never before heard in the Old South when he told the congregation, “I was wrong.”

Wallace’s son also writes about the impact his father’s campaigns had on the national political landscape, and how even today national columnists and authors call him the Grandfather of the Modern Conservative Movement even prior to Ronald Reagan.

About the Author
George Wallace, Jr. worked in higher education administration for twelve years, and also served two terms as Alabama State Treasurer and two terms as a Commissioner on the Alabama Public Service Commission. This is his second book about the Wallace family, and he and his wife Elizabeth spend much of their time in Palmetto, Florida, Elizabeth’s childhood home. In semi retirement, George writes, speaks and records music.

For more information about Governor George Wallace, The Man You Never Knew by The Man Who Knew Him Best, please visit or contact George Wallace, Jr. at (334) 467-0741.



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