The stories you will read take a close look at our family and what it was like inside our home, while there was a storm raging just outside. We had become the focal point of threats and found ourselves in the middle of the Civil Rights controversy by virtue of being the family of George C. Wallace. He had become the very embodiment of resistance to the social changes on the horizon, and the controversy that caused manifested itself in many ways for my family.

He understood, because of his “Segregation Forever” speech and his, “Stand in the Schoolhouse Door,” that the issue of race while bringing him to power, would prove to be the burden he would have to bear until eventually through his suffering, his own sense of our common humanity was revealed to all. The bargain he had made on the issue of segregation gave to him the power he had always sought, but this bargain also brought him many regrets.


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  1. Bill Wood says:

    Thanks for sharing your personal life with us George. As painful as it must have been remembering the bad times, I hope that those memories were offset by the joyous ones.

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