Elizabeth and I thank you for your interest in my book about my father, and believe you will find that in many ways it reveals the man behind the myth. Several years ago I started writing my thoughts about my family’s journey and the journey of my father. I realized as time passed that there was so much people did not know about my father and I wanted them to know. His life in many ways was a modern day Shakespearean drama as he experienced joy, pain, suffering, regrets, redemption, reconciliation, forgiveness and ultimately salvation. Of all his victories his greatest was his relationship with our Lord. During his last years as I would visit with him late into the evenings, he would tell me, “Son, I used to think politics was the most important thing in the world, but it is not. It is our relationship with the Lord.” He got it right, and he was at peace with it all.

He is one of the most fascinating politicians of our time, and his skills were unrivaled. Many national columnists and authors have written that he had more influence on shaping the conservative national political landscape than any other public figure in the 20th Century. He was proud of this recognition, because he knew that the success he had nationally was simply people all across our country responding positively to the philosophy and values of the people from whence he came; the people of  Alabama.

The writing will take you inside and allow you an up close and personal view of what my family was experiencing as my father became a national political force. I have included 333 fascinating and historic photographs many of which have never been seen, that will help complete the picture for you.

In writing about him, I have shared the man my family and I knew and hopefully it gives you a glimpse of his heart and conscience. We saw it very clearly, and I have always regretted that so many for so long have not seen the man his family knew. Now finally, others can know the man they never knew…